Bright & Shiny

Welcome to the spiderweb of a dark cabaret, jazz, goth-inspired band based in Portland, Oregon.


dark and glittery, melodically dissonant, come the night...

Who are we?

We've been asking ourselves that for years.

About The Band

Bright & Shiny began in 2013 with Jonathan Oak, Matt Cockrell, and Jessica Ann working on Jonathan's material in front of a fireplace in Hillsboro, Oregon. It has shifted and morphed and gained and lost members and has finally taken its proper form and wound up in Portland. Bright & Shiny is a group of musicians whose synergy translates into dramatic performances that take audiences on an introspective ride through compelling storytelling. They blend dark themes, goth rock, jazz, singer-songwriter, and Jonathan Oak's evocative lyrics into a unique style of dark cabaret. Their practices are notorious for intense energy, ridiculousness, bad jokes, delicious foodmaking, and having artists and fans join for an evening of community and inspiration.

Booking Info

  •   +1 503.880.3763
  •   Portland, OR

Let us rivet you to your seat


Ash Street

OCTOBER 4, 2017

Ash Street Saloon is one of our favorite venues, and is closing its doors soon. This will be our last show here, so help us close it down in style! Come help us show them how much we appreciate their support!

7pm. 21+
225 SW Ash Street
Portland, OR  97204
$5 at the door



Gaelynn LeaOCTOBER 12, 2017

Gaelynn Lea is a phenomenal musician and performer. She is a classically trained violinist with a haunting style and beautiful lyrics. She has asked us to perform with her during her week-long residency in Portland. We are thrilled to share a stage with her!

7pm, 21+
303 SW 12th Avenue
Portland, OR  97205


Jairo Guerrero

JANUARY 14TH, 2018

This is Bright & Shiny's third year playing The Poe Show. It's a sometimes crazy and sometimes breathtaking, but always a fun show. We will be one of many acts honoring and/or roasting the master of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe. 

7pm, all Ages, with caution (uncensored content)
2522 SE Clinton Street
Portland, OR  97202

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